Kozen-ji Temple is located near the Uekurihara Intersection on the old Koshu-kaido Road. There are three halls on the right side of the main hall, one of which enshrines a wooden statue of Akiba Gongen (an incarnated Buddhist deity), which is believed to prevent fire.
In the central hall, an approximately 170 cm-tall guardian deity of children is enshrined; and in the Juo-do Hall, ten Buddhism deities that judge the dead in the underworld are enshrined.
At the beginning of the Edo Period (1603-1868), the statues of these ten Buddhist deities appeared in a man’s dream telling him that they had been forgotten for four hundred years and now wanted to return to help people. It is said that the man searched for the statues of the ten deities throughout the country and enshrined them in the Juo-do Hall at Kozen-ji Temple.


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