Visiting the first station for prayers to Mount Minobu and sites related to the legend of Nichiren Shonin

This route starts from So-mon Gate, goes through Monnai, San-mon Gate, Bodaitei (287 stairs), reaches Mount Minobu, heads to Oku-no-in Shishin-kaku (Inner Temple Shishin-kaku) through the main approach, and returns to San-mon via the back approach. The route features solemn temples and shrines, So-mon Gate, and San-mon Gate at Minobusan Kuon-ji Temple, and the powerful Bodaitei (287 stairs climbing 104 meters). The beautiful views of Mount Fuji and the steep peak of Mount Shichimen seen from various spots on the road are a treat for visitors enjoying this long route. Nature shows her different charms each season, charms such as cherry blossoms (weeping cherry blossoms) in spring, red foliage in autumn as well as Roku-ro cedar trees and oriental paper bush flowers, which create beautiful landscapes that harmonize with the temples and shrines in the area. Morning religious services, the chants of prayers, sounds of prayer drums (uchiwa-daiko), the bustle of followers interacting, white clothing, and other lively features of worship are all part of this route.

Distance : About 17 km / Required Time : About 4.5 Hours / On foot(Hiking)、ropeway

Starting point : So-mon Main Gate

Goal point : So-mon Main Gate


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
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