A junction: Hagiwara to the right and Yahata to the left

From Isawa to Kasugai – Heading to the town named after a road

At a three-way intersection (present-day Yanagibashi Intersection) at Betsuden in Fuefuki City, a stone tower of all souls in the three realms of existence (San-kai-ban-rei-to) remains. “The right road leads to Hagiwara, and the left road leads to Yahata” is engraved on the tower. Hagiwara Road (Hagiwara-michi) is another name for Ome-kaido Road, which passes Hagiwara on the way to Daibosatsu Pass, and Yahata Road (Yahata-michi) is another name for Chichibu Okan Road, which passes the former Yahata Village, showing that this is the junction of the Chichibu Okan Main Road (parallel to Ome-kaido Road) and the side road.
According to the “Kai-Koku-Shi” (Records of the Kai Region) edited at the end of the Edo Period, Betsuden (separate paddy) was named because there was a junction. Around Betsuden, initially the name of the road, many signposts and travelers’ guardian deity statues remain. Temples along the roads at the foot of the mountain and key points for transportation in old days are interesting spots to visit. Peach blossoms in the area provide a wonderful landscape in spring. Along the way, Iwashita Onsen has hot springs for day trippers, and a foot bath is also available at the Isawa-Onsen Station located at the end of this road.

Distance : 11.5 km(Bicycle Course) 8.3 km(Walking Course) / Required Time : about 6.0 hours by bicycle / about 7.0 hours on foot / Bicycle or Walk

Starting point : Isawa-Onsen Station

Goal point : Isawa-Onsen Station(Bicycle Course) Kasugaicho Station(Walking Course)


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
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