Visiting three post stations in Sasago that jointly supported travelers

There are three small post stations, Shirano-shuku, Amidado-shuku, and Kuronoda-shuku, about 7 km before the Sasago Pass. These three post stations worked together by turns to serve travelers, a system called aishuku. These were small post stations, but each had its own main lodging (honjin). Visitors enjoy strolling in the quiet townscape along the old Koshu-kaido Road while finding stone monuments and standing quietly on the grounds of shrines. A puppet show called Sasago Oiwake Ningyo was performed for travelers preparing to cross the Sasago Pass, and the puppet show has been passed down to through the generations.

Distance : 10km / Required Time : 3~4h / walk

Starting point : Sasago Station

Goal point : Sasago Station


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
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