Okuno-Inamura-jinja Shrine is located in Sasago Town, Otsuki City. It is near Sasago Pass, closer to Edo, along the old Koshu-kaido Road. It was founded in 1327, and the Main Hall was built in 1775. Along with Inamura-sha Shrine in Yoshikubo, Sasago Town, Takaiwa-sha Shrine in Naka-hatsukari, Hatsukari Town, and Inamura-sha Shrine in Ogatayama, Tsuru City, it is listed in the Four Major Inamura Daimyojin Shrines.
In 1990, the main hall was repaired, Kagura Hall was newly built, shrine gates and approaches were built, and the garden on the shrine grounds were developed.
The shrine is deeply related to the traditional Japanese theatrical puppet show (ningyo joruri) called Sasago Oiwake Ningyo, which has been passed down in Sasago Town and is an Intangible Folk Cultural Property designated by Yamanashi Prefecture. It has been performed at the Kagura Hall recently. In 2016, Yoshikubo Bijin Kagami, which is a story that happened in Sasago Town, was dedicated to the shrine for the first time.
The story, Yoshikubo Bijin Kagami, is about a lady who threw herself into the Yoshiga-ike Pond in a fit of jealousy and became a large snake. The story had been performed for about 800 years. After not having been performed for more than 70 years, the local Sasago Oiwake Ningyo Preservation Group revived it.


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