Visiting Monnai Shopping Street and Kuon-ji Temple bustling with Mount Minobu worshippers

This route starts from the Minobusan So-mon Gate, passes along Monnai Shopping Street, Niccho-do Hall, Kuon-ji Temple, the former site of the Goso-an, and San-mon Gate, and returns to So-mon Gate. Visitors feel the liveliness of the stores on the shopping street, see unique Buddhist altars and fittings sold in the area, and experience the steam and aroma wafting through the air from shops making Minobu manju, the popular local specialty rice cakes. It is also possible to visit major temples and Buddhist monks’ residences (Bo), the former site of Goso-an and the Tumulus (Gobyo-sho) to feel their sacred atmosphere.

Distance : About 4 km / Required Time : About 1 Hours / On foot

Starting point : Nakamachi Parkin-lot

Goal point : Nakamachi Parkin-lot


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
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