Shaka-do Hall (A Hall Enshrining Buddha’s Statue) / Nohai-do Hall (A Hall Storing the Buddhist Memorial Tablets)

The current Shaka-do Hall (a hall enshrining Buddha’s statue) and Nohai-do Hall (a hall storing the Buddhist memorial tablets) were completed in 1981. The six-story structure consists of the Nohai-do Hall from the 1st to the 5th floors, and the Shaka-do on the 6th floor, where cremated remains and memorial tablets placed by followers from around the nation are enshrined. There are also underground passages to the Buddha Hall. The former Shaka-do was built in 1651, but was destroyed by fire in 1824. Although it was rebuilt in 1876, it was relocated to the current location when the main hall was rebuilt in 1985.


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