Visiting stone statues of Buddha along Bomichi road

Pilgrimage to the 33 Saigoku Kannon Sites & 33 Bando Kannon Sites

At the end of the Edo Period, people in Nagasaka Town and Oizumi Town in the present-day Hokuto City carried goods by horses to trade with Suwa Region. However, since Bomichi road toward Suwa had narrowed with time and people would often lose their way, local residents donated funds to create a path, placed stone statues of Buddha every cho (about 109 m) as signposts and to pray for the safety for travelers and merchants. Bomichi road has many sections that are no longer well defined; however, the sections with stone statues of Buddha remain.
From the watch tower to the stone Buddha at the 31st Saigoku Kannon, the road is unpaved and retains the atmosphere of the old road. It has been partially widened to create a firebreak; however, some sections remained as narrow as it was during the Edo Period (1603-1868), just wide enough for horses and people to squeeze past each other. Now surrounded by larch trees, it was a vast field where people grew grass for horse feed. Strolling along the old road and enjoying the traces of days gone by is an experience certain to last a lifetime.

Distance : About 8.2km / Required Time : About 4 Hours / On foot

Starting point : Remains of the fire watchtower

Goal point : Hokuto Archaeological Museum


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