Visiting the four post stations in Uenohara, Shimotorisawa-shuku, and Kamitorisawa-shuku: Retracing the history of post stations ①

Passing through the strict checkpoint at the Suwa Guard Station after crossing the Katsura River from the Sagami Region, this is Uenohara-shuku, the first post station in the Kai Region. The area once flourished through sericulture and textile manufacture, and there were many merchants along the street that joined markets each month held on the days with the numbers of 1 and 6 in them. The area still bustles with people, and the aroma of steaming white buns with bean paste filling (Sake manju), retro restaurants, and stores welcome visitors. Even strolling along side roads parallel to the Chuo Expressway, visitors can feel the atmosphere of the olden days with views of the former Uenohara-jo Castle site before returning easily to JR Uenohara Station.

Distance : 9km / Required Time : 3~4h / walk,bicycle

Starting point : Uenohara Station

Goal point : Uenohara Station


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
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