Visiting the four post stations in Uenohara, Shimotorisawa-shuku, and Kamitorisawa-shuku: Retracing the history of post stations ②

Following the old Koshu-kaido Road to Tsurukara-shuku via the Tsuru River. Most of the households in the village were engaged in the inn business, and traces can be seen along the road. Nodajiri-shuku, next to Tsurukawa-shuku, has retained the atmosphere of the old post station. Soon after the entrance to the post station, the road turns sharply to block visibility and provide an obstacle to prevent attacks by enemies. Inume-shuku is known in Ukiyoe, Japanese woodblock prints created by Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige. It is the first place on the old Koshu-kaido Road after entering the Kai Region that provides a view of Mount Fuji. Shimotorisawa-shuku and Kamitorisawa-shuku are to the south. It’s fun to compare the atmosphere of each post station, check the milestones (Ichiri-zuka) and visit the old battlefields when strolling along the old Koshu-kaido Road.

Distance : 25km / Required Time : 7h / walk,bicycle,car

Starting point : Uenohara Station

Goal point : Uenohara Station


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
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