Uenohara is situated on a river terrace formed by eroding soil and sedimentation from many rivers, including the Tsuru and Katsura Rivers, making water a very precious resource for the area.
At the request of the residents, Tsukima-ga-ike Pond was created as a reservoir for rice paddy irrigation in 1931. Since then, people have enjoyed leisure and recreation at the pond. Because of its scenic beauty, it was included in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries List of 100 Best Reservoirs.
Enoshima-jinja Shrine, located near the pond, enshrines Benzaiten (goddess of music) to protect the town. The Tsukimi-ga-ike Pond Benzaiten Festival is held in July of every year. Visitors enjoy the beautiful fireworks display and the pretty lanterns that light up the pond.


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