Walking beyond Sasago Pass, the most dangerous spot along the old Koshu-kaido Road

The path along the Sasago Pass rises to 1,096 meters above sea level and was extremely rough and steep. It was known as the most dangerous spot along the old Koshu-kaido Road. There is a tree known as the Yatate cedar on the way to the pass. Warriors heading to battle beyond the Sasago Pass shot arrows at the Yatate cedar as a prayer for victory. This magnificent tree attracted renowned Ukiyoe masters of the day, and many used it as a subject. The old Koshu-kaido Road, which goes over the Sasago Pass is included in the List of the 100 Best Historic Roads by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and there are many items that retain the atmosphere of those days of old along the road. At Komakai-shuku and Tsuruse-shuku, visitors can see and feel the traces of old post stations while strolling.

Distance : 17km / Required Time : 6~7h / walk

Starting point : Sasago Station

Goal point : Kai-yamato Station


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
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