Visiting Natsugari, the town with pure spring water from Mount Fuji

Pure spring water used to make Gunnai woven fabric is also good for your body and soul.

The Road to Mount Fuji (Fuji-michi) runs parallel to the National Route 139 toward the south and separates to the right from the national route after the Toka-ichiba area toward the Natsugari area.
Included in the 100 Best Natural Waters in Japan by the Ministry of the Environment, Toka-ichiba – Natsugari Natural Springs is a blessing from nature from the foot of mountains filtered over a long period of time after the rain and snow that fall on Mount Fuji soak into the ground. Spring water coming from more than 10 sites maintains a temperature of approx. 12 to 13 degrees C throughout the year. It is used for the cultivation of mizukakena (Brassica rapa variety) and horseradish as well as for tap water in Tsuru City. The water and lava from Mount Fuji have also produced a wide variety of beautiful nature. Countless waterfalls flowing down like a shower curtain, a phenomenon called undercurrent falls, and uniquely shaped rocks are also part of the attractiveness developed by Mount Fuji.

Distance : about 3㎞ / Required Time : about 3 hours / on foot

Starting point : Tokaichiba Station

Goal point : Hgasikatsura Station


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
  • Mt. Fuji View Spot
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