Onanbuchi Waterfall is a scenic spot along the Shishidomegawa River, where a waterfall drops three meters accompanied by gushing sounds of falling water. Shishidomegawa River flows roughly six meters from the water source in the vicinity of Mount Mishotaisan and ultimately merges with Katsura River.
According to legend, there was once a young girl named Onan who worked as a domestic at the home of a rich family who lived near the waterfall. She was a hard worker, but one day, she broke a tray that her employer cherished and jumped off the cliff at the top of the waterfall and into the pool of water after being reprimanded by her employer. Thereafter, whenever villagers wrote on a piece of paper “Please lend me ten trays” for a gathering and floated the paper in the pool of water, trays would appear on the surface of the water the next morning. However, after someone failed to return five of the ten trays that were borrowed from the pool of water, their wishes came to be realized no more.


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