Visiting Katsunuma-shuku filled with history and cultural landscapes with vineyard and water

Katsunuma-shuku developed as the gateway on the east side of the Koshu Basin. In “Diary of the Journey to Kyochu (Kyochu Kiko),” Ogyu Sorai describes Katsunuma-shuku as the busiest post station with many houses and bustling with travelers. A large flood caused significant damage to the Kyoto area in 1907, when rice paddies on the river terraces were swept away. The fields were restored, however, and farmers started growing grapes. These were valuable as a commercial crop. With the great combination of grape production and wine making, and the opening of railways and tourist farms, Katsunuma-shuku continued growing. Going toward the west from Daizen-ji Temple along the old Koshu-kaido Road, visitors enjoy a landscape from the olden days with historic buildings and vineyards, and the tourist farms are very popular. In the southern part of the post station near the Nikkawa River, there is a magnificent landscape with vineyards spreading over the area that support the history and culture of Katsunuma.

Distance : 4km / Required Time : 3~4h / walk

Starting point : 勝沼氏館跡駐車場

Goal point : 等々力交差点


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
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