Visiting Akasawa-shuku where time seems to pass slowly

Visitors stroll around the Akasawa area, a National Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. There are many traces of this once-flourishing medieval-era post station along the road that connected Mount Minobu and Mount Shichimen. While strolling through settlements along the stone pavement, visitors enjoy grand views of Mount Shichimen and other mountains. The architecture in the district is characterized by earth floors surrounding two sides of a tatami room, a style that can be seen at Shimizuya, an inn that is now operated by Hayakawa Town as a rest place. Edo-ya and Osaka-ya were Kochu-yado, inns for worshippers, display tags with the names of groups, their addresses, and the individual names of members written on them (called itamanegi). In the center of the settlement is Myofuku-ji Temple, which has managed the key for Keishin-in Temple.

Distance : / Required Time : About 30 min / On foot

Starting point : Akasaswa-shuku Parking-lot

Goal point : Akasaswa-shuku Parking-lot


  • Starting point
  • Goal point
  • Parking lot
  • Toilet
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