Tracing the major sites on Chichibu Okan Road

Climbing to a mountain pass toward the Oku-chichibu Mountain Range along the Fuefuki River

This route starts from the three-way intersection at Yamasaki in Kofu City and ends at the entrance of the Karisaka Tunnel located on the border of the prefecture. It rises approximately 1,000 meters and runs through the Chichibu Okan Road in Yamanashi Prefecture.
There are many historically interesting and significant spots along the road. In the northern mountainous area from Ichinohashi in Yamanashi City, visitors can discover the true nature of Chichibu Okan Road surrounded by affluent water and greenery such as the magnificent Ichinokama Waterfalls, Daitakesan Nagato-jinja Shrine situated deep in the mountains, and Kichijo-ji Temple with a sculpture related to the messengers for Takeda Shingen. It is also possible to trek at Tokuwa Valley and Nishizawa Valley, and hike up Mount Kentoku, Mount Kobushigatake, Mount Tosaka and Mount Karisaka.
This route is long and hard to complete within a day. Please consider staying overnight along the route at Isawa Onsen, Enzan Onsen, Iwashita Onsen, or Kawaura Onsen. We also recommend limiting the number of sites that you would like to visit.

Distance : about 60 km / Required Time : 1 day or more / Car

Starting point : Eun-in Temple in Kofu City

Goal point : Daitakesan Nagato-jinja Shrine in Yamanashi City


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