Enko-in Temple is one of the Kofu Gozan (Five Temples of Kofu) designated for protection by Takeda Shingen. It was founded in Isawacho Town by Shingen’s ancestor Hemi Taro Kiyomitsu, but Shingen transferred it to Kofu in 1560, inviting Setsuzo Osho to be its main priest. In the northwestern area of the temple precincts, which are now a prefecture designated Historic Site, lies the grave of Shingen’s wife Lady Sanjo.
Takeda Shingen’s grave (cremation mound) is found in a residential area some 400 meters southwest of Enko-in Temple. On the anniversary of his death on April 12, a memorial service is held by Enko-in Temple. The statues of Tohachi Bishamonten and Shogunjizo that are enshrined in the Bishamon-do Hall at Enko-in Temple were placed there by Shingen himself as guardian gods of his army.
When the temple was located in Isawacho, it was called Seiko-in Temple, but it was renamed Joju-in Temple after it was relocated to Kofu. It subsequently took on its present name after the posthumous Buddhist name given to Lady Sanjo when she was buried in this temple.


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