Visiting the Enzan-Matsusato area - The water channel that developed the historic road

Tracing culture and lifestyles supported by the water, and the wisdom of making water channels to supply water from the Fuefuki River

Erin-ji Temple Garden is a national-designated site of scenic beauty built by Zen monk Muso Soseki at the age of 56. Muso Soseki is well known for creating the Ryuan-ji Temple Garden and Seiho-ji Temple (Kokedera) Garden. He had significant influence on temple garden designs in the Kai Region. The magnificent artificial mountains and ponds that have remained over 700 years feature the attractions of each season. In Koshu Region, water channels are called segi, and three water channels (Fujiki, Koyashiki, and Ijiri Segi) from the Fuefuki River run in all directions in the Enzan Area to supply water to the river terraces. The water used for the garden at Erin-ji Temple is also from Koyashiki Segi.
The water channels form a network of straight lines in the Enzan Area, and is the basic feature of the landscape of farms on both sides of the water channel. The water not only supported life and business, but also functioned as the foundation of culture seen at temples and shrines, culture such as the gardens.

Distance : 13.0 km / Required Time : about 7.0 hours / Bicycle

Starting point : Enzan Station

Goal point : Enzan Station


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