The road for the Takeda Clan, descended from Takeda Nobutoki, to Fuchu in Kai Region

Tracing the history of the Takeda Clan running through the Kai Region for 300 years until Takeda Shingen

The direct ancestor of Takeda Shingen, the Governor of the Kai Region, was Takeda Nobutoki, 7th lord of the Takeda Clan in the Kai Region (1220-1289), which is also called Nobutoki-ryu (The Takeda Clan descended from Takeda Nobutoki). There are many spots deeply associated with the branch of the Takeda Clan descended from Takeda Nobutoki along the Chichibu Okan Road, which allows us to trace the generations of the family from Nobutora to Shingen, and then to Katsuyori.
A wide variety of cultural and historical traces left by warriors serving the lords of the Takeda Clan, who were the rulers with force of arms and power, and practitioners of the religious faith, remain in the area. Former sites of temples and residences deeply associated with the Takeda Clan show that they worked largely in present-day Yamanashi City, Koshu City, Fuefuki City, and Kofu City. The center of the activity gradually shifted west along with the expansion of their power over time. Chichibu Okan Road is a road to history running east-west through this area connecting the traces of the clan over time.

Distance : about 40 km / Required Time : about 7.0 hours / Car

Starting point : Jitoku-in Temple in Koshu City

Goal point : Hosen-ji Temple in Kofu City


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  • Goal point
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