Ichinokama Waterfall is a famous waterfall that gave the Kamanosato region its name. There is a passage about the waterfall in Kai Kokushi (Official Records of Kai Province) proclaiming that it “indeed surpasses all other waterfalls in the province.” Descending from the area where a signboard stands indicating the waterfall, Kamasawanotaki Waterfall appears on the right-hand side and Medaki Waterfall on the left-hand side. Further ahead on the other side of a suspended bridge is Odaki Waterfall, which has a drop of 21 meters. Visitors can go right near the waterfall and experience its roaring sounds and dynamic splashes of water. Depending on the viewing angle, a rainbow can be seen amid the splashes, and the basin can sometimes be seen sparkling in emerald-green color for a short moment at around noon on a clear, sunny day. The autumn foliage of maple, beech and oak trees can also be enjoyed from mid to late October.


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