Marishitenson-do Hall Shrine stands near the Yamazaki three-way intersection, which overlaps with Chichibu Okan Highway and marks the starting point of Ome Kaido Avenue. Legend has it that the hall was erected here after a man named Rikijo quelled a local epidemic by offering a prayer that continued for 21 days. It is also said that the shrine’s principal image of worship was later received from a shrine in Edo Fukagawa. Traces of what appear to be a 4.5-meter-wide land allotment marking can still be seen today.
The name Marishiten (Marishitenson) comes from the Sanskrit Marici, the name of a Hindu goddess worshipped in India. Marici later came to be worshipped also in Buddhism, and was considered a guardian goddess of samurai warriors in medieval Japan. Marishiten is also a guardian goddess of journeys, so many people are said to have stopped by to pray at this hall before embarking on their journey.


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