Zato Korogashi Slope is a steep, narrow path on the mountainside between Yatsubo and Arata settlements, which is right before Inume-shuku coming from the direction of Notajiri-juku.
“Zato” here means “blind.” The name comes from the story of a blind man who was killed when he fell off the path while traveling. According to “Record of the Journey from the Kai to the Suruga Region” (Koshun Dochu-no-ki), written in 1830, a blind man traveling on this path fell off at a bend, tumbled to the bottom of the valley and died. Zato korogashi literally means “a slope that caused a blind man to tumble.”
The “Record of the Journey on the Koshu Road by Hiroshige” written by ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige also contains an entry noting that “It was fine on the fourth day. We left Notajiri toward Inume (snip), and there was a slope named Zato Korogashi.


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