Suwa-jinja Shrine was first built during the Kyuan era (1145-1150), which was at the end of the Heian Period, and it was subsequently rebuilt in 1577. It was the main shrine of the Furugori Clan, which ruled the area during the Kamakura Period (1185-1333). A framed work of calligraphy hanging in the Worship Hall provides a reminder of the time with the words “Furugori-jinja Shrine.”
This shrine is mentioned in the novel, “Furin Kazan,” by Jiro Nitta. In it there is a scene in which the Takeda Army is quartered near Uenohara on its way back to Kofu after the Battle of Odawara and the Battle of Mimase. Injured samurai destroy part of the shrine’s structure for firewood to make themselves warm in the cold rain.


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