The hilly area from Tobigasaki to Yatsubozaka is called Nagamine. The area is an old battlefield where the Hojo Clan and Takeda Clan repeatedly fought in the Medieval Period. Kato Kagetada, who governed the Tango Region as a retainer of Takeda Shingen and ruled Uenohara during the Warring States Period (1467-1603), built a fort to protect against invasion by foreign enemies.
Nagamine is blessed with water. Nagamine Pond measures approx. 100 m2 and never dried up even during drought. There was a spring called “Well of the Lord.”
Happo, the 16th priest of Kagaku-ji Temple and a poet in the region, erected stone monuments inscribed with haiku (Japanese poems with seventeen syllables) to Matsuo Basho and his disciple Renjibo at the site of the fort. However, when the Chuo Expressway was expanded to six lanes, an overpass was built to pass over the fort. This sadly destroyed Nagamine Pond and the Well of the Lord. The stone monuments were relocated to the present location in 1996.


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