Uenohara-juku was the first town along the old Koshu-kaido Road in the Koshu Region from the direction of the Sagami Region (present-day Kanagawa Prefecture) with a post station. Between 1742 and 1907, a market was held on the days with one or six in the date.
Farming households in the Gunnai Region (present-day Uenohara City, Fuji-Yoshida City, Nishikatsura Town, Tsuru City, and Otsuki City) engaged in weaving silk and pongee as well as farming, and the market flourished with many brokers from Sagami and Hachioji Regions buying and selling fabrics as well as kitchenware and daily commodities gathered from different areas.
Uenohara-juku was damaged by fire several times; however, some traces from its time as a post station have remained as they were. These include storehouses and street names such as “Kanabutsu Side Street” and “Inari Side Street.”


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