Nichiren Shonin arrived at Mount Minobu on May 17, 1274. On June 17, a thatched hut was completed. Nichiren spent about nine years here until September 8, 1282. In 1281, a hall that Nichiren named Minobusan (Mount Minobu) Myohoke-in Kuon-ji Temple also stood here. Nichiren recited the Lotus Sutra and taught his disciples and believers at Goso-an. He also wrote a large number of the Great Mandala in calligraphy there. In 1892, Sakai Fumiko, the legal wife of Sakai Tadateru, the 7th lord of the Himeji Domain, donated stone fences to protect Goso-an. It is designated a cultural property of Yamanashi Prefecture.


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