Kanro-mon Gate located near a gentle slope called Onna-zaka Slope has a Korai-mon Gate. A guard house stands on the side of the gate. Both are registered as national tangible cultural properties. The 4.5-meter-wide gate was originally built in 1868 and has a gable roofing with traditional roof tiles. The characters “kanro-mon” in the middle of the gate were written by Masanao Nakamura, a former Councilor of the Chamber of Elders. Kanro is from the Myoho Rengekyo Kanzeon Bosatsu Fumonhon (No. 25 Point of Kannon-gyo Sutra). It means that Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) brings sweet rain to save us. The guard house has a hip-and-gable roof and covers an area of 12m2.


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