Ichiri-zuka is a milestone placed every four kilometers (ichiri). The ichiri-zuka in Shirano can be found after passing under the elevated JR Chuo Main Line and the Chuo Expressway, which are entered from a small path along Takigosawa Stream. This ichiri-zuka marks 25 ri, or about 100 km from Edo.
There was an ichiri-zuka on both sides near the entrance to Shirano-shuku, which was located at the bottom of Tenjin Pass (Tenjin Slope). But, the Taigai-cho (Village Guidebook) notes that there was a hackberry tree on the left and a pine tree on the right while the Kokushi Soko (Draft of the Regional Records) states that there was a tree on both sides of the road, and a hackberry tree beyond them. At present, there is nothing but a stone monument. At the side of the stone monument, there is a stone statue of twin traveler’s guardian deities (Dosojin Deities), which was placed during the Heisei Era (1989-2019).
The forest after Tenjin Pass toward the Shirano-shuku side was called Tenjin-zaka (Tenjin Slope) Forest. When the Tenpo Uprising occurred in August 1836, farmers in Gunnai gathered here in response to the call by Jizaemon (Takeshichi) in Shimowada Village and Heisuke in Inume Village.


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