Site of the Main Lodging (Honjin) in Isawa-Juku

The Main Lodging (honjin) was originally an accommodation for military generals; however, in and after the Warring States Period (1467-1603), honjin came to mean a lodging and rest place for feudal lords and court nobles. In the Edo Period (1603-1868), feudal lords used honjin on the way to and from Edo to serve the Shogun (sankin-kotai).
The Edo shogunate ordered the establishment of a Main Lodging in Isawa-juku around 1625. In 1761, Governor Naito of the Yamato Region, who was also lord of Takato Castle in the Shinshu Region, traveled the old Koshu-kaido Road for the first time to serve the Shogun. Therefore, it was necessary to have a Main Lodging, and Goto Kanbee in Nakamachi Isawa-juku was ordered to manage it. According to the records owned by the Goto Family, a total of 174 feudal lords, court nobles, and officials of the Edo shogunate stayed at the Main Lodging in Isawa-juku over a period of 164 years.
It was a large building with a drawing room. However, immediately before Emperor Meiji was planning to stay in June 1880, a large fire destroyed everything except one earthen storehouse. The Former Site of Isawa Mai Lodging is designated a cultural property of Isawa Town.


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