Ugan-ji Temple is located on the edge of the Shichiri-iwa Plateau in Nirasaki City. The temple was founded in 1464 (Muromachi Period) and converted to the Soto-sect in 1615, early in the Edo Period (1603-1868).
Cave Kannon-do Hall (Ana Kannon Do) is in an actual cave in Shichiri-iwa cliff and enshrines the statues of the Sacred Buddhist Deity of Compassion (Sho-Kanzenon-Bosatsu) and Kobo Daishi (Kukai). It is said that the Buddhist priest Kobo Daishi placed the Sacred Deity of Compassion in the cave and that local residents built the hall.
There is also a large group of stone Buddha statues called Sentai Botoke (one thousand Buddha statues) that were enshrined in 1667. People visiting hope to meet the gaze of at least one statue while praying.
The temple is also called Ana Kannon by local residents. Cave Kannon-do Hall attracts many visitors when it opens to the public once a year during the two-day festival held around the Spring Equinox in March.


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