The head Himemiya-jinja Shrine is Munakata-jinja Shrine. Located in Kyushu, it enshrines three goddesses that were separated and transferred from Kamakura (present-day Kanagawa Prefecture) during the Kamakura Period (1185-1333).
Himemiya-jinja Shrine is located on the hill called Funayama, and from the shrine grounds, we can see the tip of the Shichiri-iwa Plateau. Some say that the area was called “Nirasaki” because Shichiri-iwa Plateau and Funayama Hill were glaring at each other (which is “nirami-au” in Japanese). However, the prevailing belief is that the tip of Shichiri-iwa Plateau is stretches out like a growing Chinese leek.
At the shrine grounds, there is stonework with a hole. Looking through the hole, we can see Mount Fuji. We can also can see the unique traveler’s guardian deity made of round stone, seen only in Yamanashi Prefecture, small shrines built of stone with thick roofs common in the Kyohoku Region, and sumo wrestling rings.


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