This is the only remaining guidepost in Daigahara-shuku from the Edo Period (1603-1868). Three horse-headed goddess of mercy (Bato Kannon) statues are white granite from Mount Kai-Komagatake. The one in the front is a privately commissioned statue, and the ones on both sides are guideposts. Engraved on one guidepost is “The right road is open (Kofu-michi Road), and the road to the left is a detour (Haradi-michi Road,” and the other has “Left is a detour (Hara-michi Road)” engraved on it. The detour was to be used when the old Koshu-kaido Road between Nirasaki-shuku and Tsutaki-shuku was blocked due to flooding.
The statues were placed at the turning point on the river road, and the detour located at a crossing point on the Ojira River coming from Nirasaki-shuku on the old Koshu-kaido Road. At present, there is a new guidepost with “Old Koshu-kaido Road, Entrance to the Old Road, Detour (Harji-michi Road)” engraved on it.


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