A monument dedicated to Jikigyo Miroku, an ascetic known to have popularized the Mount Fuji faith of pilgrimage associations called Fujiko to the common people, stands in Onuma, Nishikatsura-cho Town. In 1733, he fasted on Eboshi-iwa Rock at Waystation 7.5 on Mount Fuji and died roughly a month later. Owing to this incident, the Fujiko faith proliferated in Edo and its vicinity. The north trail (Yoshidaguchi Trail) which Miroku took to climb Mount Fuji gained popularity, and post town in Onuma filled with worshippers. Among these lodgings, one called Hayashiya House was came to also be called by the name of Miroku-jaya Teahouse, because it housed a statue that was said to be created by Miroku himself.


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