Ama-no-taki Falls drop from a branch river of Katsura River called Shakunagaregawa River. Dropping from a height of 15 meters. Numerous small streams also flow from the cracks in the volcanic rocks on the left and right sides of the waterfalls.


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Visiting Kamiyoshida & Shimoyoshida in front of Mount Fuji

Two towns, one commercial and the other religious, facing to Mount Fuji across the road

The Road to Mount Fuji (Fuji-michi) takes a turn to the south at Shimoyoshida, and then heads straight to Mount Fuji.
Shimoyoshida played a central role in woven fabric production, partly because the introduction of chemical fabrics has progressed from the end of the Taisho Period (1912-1926) to the early Showa Period (1926-1989). Kinuya-machi (which means Silk Store Town), where fabric was bought and sold, was a bustling town developed by people engaged in the textile business. The back streets off Hommachi-dori Street still retain the atmosphere of the olden days.
Kamiyoshida was a base for Mount Fuji worship. During its peak, nearly 80 accommodations served worshippers by providing instruction on prayers, information on climbing Mount Fuji, rooms, and meals. On the main street, accommodations standing behind the long, narrow street produce a particular atmosphere.
about 8㎞ / about 8 hours / on foot

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