Fujisan Museum is located in Kamiyoshida-higashi, Fujiyoshida City. It exhibits an assortment of valuable materials related to the “Mount Fuji Faith,” and also introduces the history, culture, folk traditions, and industries of the city that spreads across the foot of Mount Fuji.
Visitors can learn about how people climbed Mount Fuji during the Edo Period (1603-1868) through pictures, photos, a CG reenactment, and a reenactment video, and experience the four seasons of Mount Fuji through a projection mapping on a 1/2000-scale model of the mountain. Reference materials and a video also provide an overview of the local textile industry.
Oshi Lodging House (Former Togawa Family Residence), one of the components of the World Heritage property of Fujisan, is an ancillary facility of Fujisan Museum, which can be visited with a common ticket covering the two facilities.


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