A statue of Fuefuki Gonzaburo was erected in 1985 between Fuefukigawa Street, which runs along the Fuefuki River, and the old Koshu-kaido Road. About 600 years ago, Fuefuki Gonzaburo lived with his mother in Serizawa (present-day Kami-kamaguchi, Mitomi-mura, Yamanashi City), located in the heart of the mountains. They had followed his father, who had been expelled from his position by the Kamakura Shogunate, and had settled in the Kai Region, where Gonzaburo became a well-known Japanese flute player.
In the fall of one year, the Netori River flooded due to heavy rain, and washed away their hut in Serizawa. Gonzaburo survived, but his mother went missing. Gonzaburo looked for her while playing a tune on his flute that his mother loved, but could not find her. Exhausted by the search, he accidently fell into the river and drowned. When his body was found, he was still holding his flute in his hand.
Soon after his death, people could hear beautiful melodies played on a flute by the river at night. This is why people started calling the Netori River “Fuefuki River” (Flute Playing River).


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