Kajikazawa Side Street at the terminus of the Fuji River Transport System connected the Funayama River Port, which flourished as the base of trading, and Nirasaki-juku. It was also a point on the Sunshu Okan/ Koshu Okan (Koshu Highway) that connected the Sumpu Region (present-day Shizuoka Prefecture) and the Kai Region (present-day Yamanashi Prefecture). Rice that was sent to Edo Castle as tax was transported along this road from the Kyohoku Region (present-day Nirasaki City and Kitakoma Country) to Funayama River Port.
The road was always busy and there were many tea houses and confectionaries that travelers stopped at for refreshment. After the Main Line of the former Japanese National Railways was completed in 1903 to connect Shinjuku and Kofu, traffic on the road decreased significantly. A stone monument now marks the west corner of the Shimojuku intersection in Honmachi.


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