Erin-ji Temple is said to have been founded in 1330 by Nikaido Sadafuji, a feudal lord of Makinosho, who donated part of his residence and welcomed Muso Soseki as chief priest. It later became a major center of Rinzai Zenrin culture in Kai Province.
It is said that the garden in the northern area of the temple precincts was created by Muso Soseki at the age of 56. It is a Zen style of garden that had a large influence on temple gardens that were created in later years in Kai Province.
When Kaisen Osho became priest thereafter, the temple became the family temple of Takeda Shingen. After Shingen’s funeral was held, however, Shingen’s son Katsuyori committed suicide in 1582, putting an end to the Takeda Clan. Erin-ji Temple was subsequently burned down by Oda Nobunaga.
A Takeda Shingen Treasure House is annexed to the temple. On April 12 every year, a festival affectionately called “Shingen-san” by the local people is held to commemorate the anniversary of Shingen’s death.


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